Brief history:

Neyla Ropa de Danza was born in February 2015, in Barcelona by Laura Fernández-Rajal, a dancer, and as such, a lover of oriental dance. He learned the art of sewing with his grandmother and then began to design his own rehearsal sets and costumes. Such was the success they had in class, that she decided to start sewing for other classmates and friends until she finally created the company Neyla Dancewear.

During these almost three years, Neyla Dancewear has grown a lot and every day the costumes and test clothes that the brand designs throughout the country are better known.

In the summer of 2016 appears Cristina Santamaria, a client of Neyla Dancewear who realized the great potential that Laura and her creations possessed. Finally, she partnered with Laura to start a journey together with great projects and ideas. The first of them create the web Neyla Dancewear.

Neyla Ropa de Danza

So, Laura is our great designer and confectioner and Cristina will take care of the web! contact us whenever you have any questions or suggestions!

We leave you the video of the parade of our collection 2018 -2019, do not miss it!


Our mission is to provide all our dancers with clothes designed in Barcelona, ​​quality and with a unique and exclusive design, accompanied by our love and passion for dance!

So, with this website we start our adventure and we hope to have all of you!

We invite you to leave us your comments or to contact us through our email, or through our contact form.