The dance shoes are ideal for rehearsal and presentations of dance, belly dance, oriental dance, tribal fusion …
Made in flesh color to hide and not be seen on stage. In addition the dance shoes fit perfectly to the foot so you will not notice that you are wearing them!
With them you will avoid discomfort and pain in the base of the foot and protect the base of hardness and small wounds. They will also help you to slide better in less slippery soils and will give you better stability in your turns. Who said that dancing belly dance is uncomfortable? From today, with the new dance shoes forget about the typical annoyances!
So important is to dress well as to protect well the feet with which we are going to dance! Find different types of dance shoes so that your essays and presentations are perfect. Comfortable, discreet and ideal to protect one of the most important parts in dance!
We have different models of dance shoes:

Dance shoes of the sole of the foot held in a single finger: It is the typical belly dance shoe, which protects the sole of the foot and allows to make turns in little slippery floors.
Protective shoes of the sole of the foot taken in all the fingers: With this dance shoe you will get the perfect subjection in addition to enjoying all the benefits of the previous one.
Protective shoes for the sole and heel: With this dance shoe you will not only protect the sole of your foot but also protect the heel. A more complete shoe that will allow you a perfect mobility at the same time that thanks to its color, it will not be seen on stage.

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