The ACCESSORIES of Neyla Dance clothing are selected with the best quality! We have at your disposal the best accessories and accessories to make your look perfect! Look at everything we offer you, and if you need something that you do not find on our website, do not hesitate to ask us! We can get what you want! We have accessories for Belly Dance, Veils, Elements … everything you need to dance oriental dance, fusion, tribal …
You can find in this Category:
Silk veils: Our silk veils have been meticulously selected, of the best quality and 100% silk. We offer a wide variety of colors and finishes so you can find your ideal veil. We also offer group discounts!
Jewelery belts: The rhinestone belts are the perfect complement to add a touch of shine to your outfit. Discover our selection of belts, all of them with an exquisite design and of the highest quality. Welcome to the world “bling bling”
Costume jewelery: We offer a wide variety of costume jewelery to give the final touch to your belly dance costume! It is always important to finish our outfit with a little more shine! Find necklace sets and earrings, strass straps, bracelets … this and much more!
Dance Shoes: So important is to dress well as to protect well the feet with which we are going to dance! Find different types of dance shoes so that your essays and presentations are perfect. Comfortable, discreet and ideal to protect one of the most important parts in dance!
Do it your self materials: Have you ever thought about making yourself the costume? or do you want to customize the outfits 5 years ago and do not know how? We offer you the solution! Find everything you need to create your belly dance costume, from the typical Egyptian coconuts to rhinestones and trimmings!

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Basic Leg Warmers

10,00 TAX included

Blue and Green Silk Veil

35,00 TAX included

Blue Silk Veil

35,00 TAX included

Blue, Fuchsia and Purple Silk Veil

35,00 TAX included

Bolsita para guardar Velos

6,00 TAX included

Cherry Blossoms Silk Veil

120,00 TAX included

Cinturón de Pedrería en Lágrimas

26,00 TAX included

Cinturón de Pedrería Mariposas

27,00 TAX included