Do It Yourself! Have you considered creating your own dance costume? Or do you want to modify the suit you have abandoned in your bellydancer wardrobe?

Find in this section all you need to create your own design or customize your already used suit! Find all the materials you need, from Egyptian coconuts to accessories and decorations.

It is not necessary for us to do it! buying your necessary materials you can create your own costume or, decorate it and customize it to your liking!

You dare? You can always ask for advice through our mail and we will guide you in your creation process!

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Egyptian Bras Pointy Shapes

24,00 TAX included

Egyptian Bra

24,0028,00 TAX included

Broche Plateado con Brillantes

8,00 TAX included

Crystal Drop AB Rhinestones

4,50 TAX included

Navette Rhinestones AB

4,50 TAX included

Rhinestones Crystal AB SS30

3,50 TAX included