Egyptian Bra

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Egyptian Bra

The Egyptian Bra is perfect for creating your own belly dance costume! You just need to cover it with fabric and decorate them and you will have created your first belly dance costume! Furthermore, with these Coconuts you will give a different touch to your costume because their shape is very original! Therefore, Neyla Ropa de Danza offers you the best quality Egyptian coconuts so that your design is spectacular!

The bras are with a DINA cup, in either white or flesh color and the back straps are double and elastic. The bras are sold with the special large closure for them.

*bras can be white or ocher, they will be sent indifferently as the objective is to line it. If there is a preference for one of the two colors, notify us via email to or through our form, click here.

**Delivery times may be extended depending on availability.


Calculate your size:

Measure the cup of a bra you normally wear like this:

From the measurements of your bra, look for the Egyptian Size that is closest to you:

Egyptian Bra Measurements Egyptian Size
V. 13,5 cm H. 16 cm B
V. 16 cm H. 18 cm C
V. 17 cm H. 19 cm D
V. 18,5 cm H. 20 cm E
V. 21cm H. 23cm F

Keep in mind that Egyptian sizes range from A to F. It is always better for the Egyptian bra to be a little larger (you can always put a little padding).

Don’t worry! If you have questions contact us! And if not, before sending your order we will contact you to make sure you have chosen the correct size!

We have sizes for everyone!


Additional information


B, C, D, E, F

Size Bra

Resultat d'imatges de medidas sujetador

  1. Contour measurement: Take and record the average of your lower chest contour
  2. Measurement of the cup: Take and record the measure of your chest contour
  3. Cup size: Subtracting the measure of your contour from the cup you will get the result: B – A = Cup

Rest Result


From  5 to 9 cm A
From 10 to 14 cm B
From 15 to 24cm C
More than 25 E

Now you have your cup. You just need to know your size:



68/73 80
74/78 85
79/83 90
84/88 95
89/93 100
93/97 105

For example. If your cup has come out that is the B, and you have a low chest contour between 89 / 93cm your size will be 95B.

We have sizes for all!

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