In Neyla Dancewear we think in all the details, that’s why we have selected the best JEWELRY so that you can wear it in your presentations and shows.
Combine it with your belly dance clothes, oriental or any other discipline, it will be a sure hit!
Quality jewelery and very bright for you to dazzle on stage. You will find chains for the belly, bracelets, earrings, necklaces … everything so that your staging it will be spectacular.
In this section we offer all kinds of jewelry:

– Strass bracelets
– Strass Pendants and Earrings
– Strips for the strass waist

And many other things for you to give the ideal touch to your look!

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Aurora Borealis 4 rows Strass bracelet

8,00 7,20 TAX included

Brazalete 3 filas de Strass en Espiral

6,00 5,40 TAX included

Cadenita para la Cintura de strass con Mariposa

10,00 9,00 TAX included

Cadenita para la cintura doble Strass plateado

12,00 10,80 TAX included

Conjunto Gargantilla y Pendientes de Strass

15,00 13,50 TAX included

Gold Spiral Bracelet, 4 rows Strass

8,00 7,20 TAX included

Hand bracelet with decoration

15,00 13,50 TAX included

Silver Bracelet in Spiral 6 rows Strass

11,00 9,90 TAX included

Strass 7 rows bracelet

8,50 7,65 TAX included

Strass Belt

18,00 16,20 TAX included

Strass Hand Bracelet

12,00 10,80 TAX included

Triple Strass Belt

22,00 19,80 TAX included