Find your size using this SIZE GUIDE. Keep in mind that they are approximate measures. If you are between two sizes, always choose the largest one. If you have doubts, or if you do not fit any of these sizes, contact us through the Contact Form or by sending an email to, we can make your overalls for you! Also keep in mind that all the test garments are elastic so they will easily adapt to your figure

SIZE S / M M / L L / XL
Chest (cm) 86 – 90 90 – 98 96 – 105
Waist (cm) 66 – 70 70 – 78 78 – 88
Hip (cm) 94 – 98 98 – 108 108 – 115





Calculate your size:

Measure the cup of a bra you normally wear like this:

From the measurements of your bra, look for the Egyptian Size that is closest to you:

Egyptian Bra Measurements Egyptian Size
V. 13,5 cm H. 16 cm B
V. 16 cm H. 18 cm C
V. 17 cm H. 19 cm D
V. 18,5 cm H. 20 cm E
V. 21cm H. 23cm F

Keep in mind that Egyptian sizes range from A to F. It is always better for the Egyptian bra to be a little larger (you can always put a little padding).

Don’t worry! If you have questions contact us! And if not, before sending your order we will contact you to make sure you have chosen the correct size!