All Neyla products with discount for being from other seasons in our OUTLET section !! Come and find your bargain! You will find all kinds of belly dance clothes, Oriental dance, rehearsal, costumes, fitness clothes, yoga sets, overalls …
Find the products of other seasons and find them at cheaper prices! Why in Neyla Dancewear we want you all to look beautiful in your rehearsals, shows, training etc.
Do not hesitate and take a tour of this section! Surely you find your ideal garment at an economical price.
Outlet does not mean less quality! All the products you will find in this section have been part of the Neyla collection! Therefore, all of them have gone through the strict quality controls of our brand and also, all have been designed and made by us.
Each season, OUTLET products are updated. All stocks from previous seasons become part of the Neyla OUTLET, so we also give opportunity to girls and boys who can not invest so much in costumes and seasonal rehearsal clothes.

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Conjunto Top y Pantalón Serpiente Beige

40,00 34,00 TAX included

Farah Skirt

18,00 16,00 TAX included

Farida Skirt without Curlers

18,00 15,00 TAX included


52,00 45,00 TAX included


19,00 15,50 TAX included


65,00 60,99 TAX included


56,00 52,00 TAX included


54,00 49,00 TAX included


54,00 49,00 TAX included


17,00 15,30 TAX included


55,00 49,00 TAX included

Rainbow Silk Veil

28,00 25,00 TAX included

Velo de Seda Blanco Liso

28,00 25,00 TAX included

Velo de Seda Degradado Rojo, Naranja y Amarillo

28,00 25,20 TAX included

Velo de Seda Rojo Liso

28,00 25,00 TAX included